Oğuzhan Insect Screening Systems, which takes place in the sector by its flyscreen production and is recognised its professional service and quality in a short time after foundation, is a well known and preffered brand, and is the leading manufacturer in flyscreen business with its many branches in Turkey and with its ability to produce high quality and high-class products.The company reached to a production level in flyscreen, pleat flyscreen, flyscreen curtain and accresorries, pleat curtain and zip curtains such that the firm became the leader in sector. The wide network of distributors in Turkey makes available to provide service throughout the country and the works on the slides and shutter systems have strong satisfaction from customers.By the purchase of the Alusel brand, we will reach the success which we had in slides and curtain business with Panext, and we target to sustain the leading position in the sector. By the strong research and development movement of the Oğuzhan Insect Screening Systems, the preparations for the  the investments towards to mobile curtain systems have come to their final stages.

Our Mission

With a strong research and investigation period, we targeted to provide the highest quality products with fair prices to the market and we succeeded in our goals. Our strong mission is without giving up any core values which lead us to todays success, and combining the knowledge, accumulation and experience we have with our strong R&D works and technological advancement, to improve the product and services and to promote the brand image and market share.

Our Vision

The strong values of our firm are team work and continue its target to fullfill the needs of customer without showing the effects of market fluctuations. Our vision is targeting to be leader in every areas, to give values to its workers and partners, and to convert their worth to profit, and become a shining start firm in the business.

  • To design and product systems which are reliable and high standard, with increasing values in time.
  • With workers and partners who are open to change and development, to create an participating environement
  • To improve the productivity, by working with our partners, suppliers and distributers in a trustworty, cooperative and unity mindsets.
  • Making the custom satisfaction a priority and make sustainability with custom interactions.
  • Being leading firm in R&D, technology and production technique areas in the sector.

These are the visions of the Oğuzhan Insect Screen Systems


Oğuzhan Insect Screen Systems are not only proud of its teams and vehicles on the roads and its products, but also its customer service which can reach any location where needed.

  1. Distrubiton Netweok and system

    By the help of the experince of over twenty years in sector and correct investments,  Oğuzhan Flyscreen Systems has a network dispersed to 81 cities. this professional distribution network made a minimum level of quality standard in the market and became one of the important factors for the leading position. This system which priorites the quality, wide product range and service network, it helped to improve the sector standards.


  2. The eyes of the R&D heading to the future

    The R&D department of the Oğuzhan Insect Screen Systems does not only grasp the changes on time and makes the prompt changes but also becomes the leading expert with the experience, technoogy and research spirit. It changes the atttitute towards innovation by finding solutions directly to the demands of the sector.

  3. Towards the future

    By being the most preferred brand, Oğuzhan Insect Screen Systems continue its journey to the future by improving its target of being the one of the firms leading for the future with its experince, technology, product spectrum, distribution network and with its R&D which leads the sector for changes and improvement.

Our Brands

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